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Deb Fleischman | Arancini”

Deb Fleischman’s recent work appears in Neutrons/Protons, Vermoxie, and 1966. Deb co-founded Write Mondays, a writing workshop for high school students in Vermont. She holds a B.S. in Political Science from M.I.T. and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Links: Website

Brianna Goldberg | Catfish”

Brianna Goldberg is a writer and radio producer from Toronto with credits in The Walrus, Jezebel, CBC and beyond. Brianna spent a few years living in the Caribbean and West Africa, where she freelanced on topics ranging from lingerie trends to domestic terrorism.

More: Website | Twitter

Maggie Downs | Discomfort Food”

Maggie Downs is a writer based in Palm Springs, California. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the BBC, and Paste, among others.

Links: Twitter | Website

Teri Vlassopoulos | Messy”

Teri Vlassopoulos is the Cookbookslut columnist for Bookslut.com. Her novel, Escape Plans (Invisible Publishing) is forthcoming in October 2015. She lives and writes in Toronto, and her favourite meal is breakfast.

Links: Website | Twitter

Vivek Shraya | Feed The Birds”

Vivek Shraya is a Toronto-based artist. Vivek’s body of work includes ten albums, four short films and three books. A three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist, Vivek’s books have been used as textbooks at several post-secondary institutions, and her debut novel, She of the Mountains, was named one of The Globe and Mail’s Best Books of 2014.

Links: Website | Twitter

Jane Campbell | “Fat Free”

Jane Campbell’s work has appeared in Grain, Revolver and The Impressment Gang. She recently finished a non-fiction book about her experiences growing up fat and losing weight as an adult. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and cat.

Links: Twitter

Lauren Razavi | Pomegranates”

Lauren Razavi is a British-Iranian feature writer and foreign reporter for publications such as The Guardian, New Statesman and VICE. She studied the MA in creative writing (non-fiction) at the University of East Anglia, graduating with merit in 2014.

Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Blog

Rosa Valerie Campbell | Bird In The Hand”

Originally from Sydney, Rosa Valerie Campbell now lives in London. This year her work has featured in The Letters Page, Litro, Noted Festival, East End Literary Salon, Hoot Review, Freight Books anthology and others. She loves hot coffee and has just finished her first novel.

Links: Twitter

Cindy Matthews | Red Beets Mingle With Potato Skins”

Cindy Matthews lives in Bruce County, Canada. Her fiction has appeared in Canada, US, UK, and Australia. Her essay “Nothing by Mouth” was shortlisted in the 2014 Event Creative Non-Fiction Contest. While “Ringo” placed third in the 2015 NOWW Creative Non-Fiction Contest.

Links: Website | Twitter

David Burga | The Dinner Party”

David Burga is a Peruvian born Canadian geologist and writer. He lives in Mississauga with his family and is currently finishing his first novel.

Links: Blog | Twitter

Madeleine Leznoff | Two Tables”

Madeleine Leznoff graduated from The University of Western Ontario with a degree in media studies and writing. She currently lives in Toronto where she’s a social media manager and copywriter by day. She spends her nights perfecting the blintz and is happy her writing debut involves food.

Links: Twitter

dee Hobsbawn-Smith | “Handmade”

dee Hobsbawn-Smith earned her MFA in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan and has attended Sage Hill Writing five times. Her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in Canadian and American literary journals. Her debut poetry collection, Wildness Rushing In, (Hagios Press, 2014) was a finalist for two SK Book Awards. What Can’t Be Undone (Thistledown Press, 2015) is her first short fiction collection.

Links: Website | Curious Cook

Alisa Gordaneer | Nil By Mouth”

Alisa Gordaneer writes poetry and creative nonfiction, and serves as president of the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society. Her newest book, Still Hungry (Signature Editions), explores our complicated relationships with food. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Links: Twitter

Tanya R. Ward | And The Spoon Ran Away With The Trash”

Tanya R. Ward is a Toronto-based writer and teacher. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and York University with an M.A. in philosophy. She is currently working on a collection of short fiction.

Links: Twitter

Robyn Ryle | How To Preserve Food For The Winter”

Robyn Ryle has to call her mother every time she cans tomatoes to ask how long to let them boil. She has essays and stories at CALYX Journal, Gawker, and Midwestern Gothic among others.

Links: Twitter

Rebeca Dunn-Krahn | The Last Supper”

Rebeca Dunn-Krahn is an eater, traveler and mom. Her story “The Third Lesson We Learned In Turkey” appeared in Chance Encounters: Travel Tales from Around the World published by World Traveler Press. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Links: Website

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